I live to let you shine...

i met buddy sometime in 2020, i cant say the date for sure because we hadnt gotten closer until a while later.
since we first met i had always looked up to her and wanted to be someone special to her, and my dream came true
i talk to buddy every day and she's lit up my life in a way no one else has for me.
when she's around, i dont feel like i have to worry about anything anymore. i enjoy all the time we spend together and im always looking back on it. she means lots and lots to me and i dont think ill forget her; not in a lifetime
i want her to always remember that i love her more than anything in this world. she's taught me to live again and im forever thankful for everything she's given me. i want to stay with her for a very long time. im so glad i didnt do anything bad to myself, i'd regret it now because i know that's not what i ever wanted for myself. i just wanted to know how to live and love and see the world the way it was meant to be, and appreciate every living thing. she's taught me how to be able to do that and i don't want anything more. i can't see a world where i don't love her this much, i think it'd be an empty one... i know it's silly cause i haven't been able to experience the larger part of life yet, but i don't really think i need to care anymore...i'm happy right now and i think that's all that's supposed to matter. i'll never forget all the fun and silly and intimate moments ive had with her..i hope one day i can experience it all with her next to me. that's all that i'll ever need i think, is to be right next to my buddy...i don't think i'd ever be able to let go, even if i wanted to. please stay with me forever and ever..