i am vivian
this is the useless info channel

so hi, i go by vivi. this serves as my personal site
i like to draw pictures of anything on my computer, collect stuffed animals and more things probably.
i feel heavily connected to the concept of dreaming, night time, bats and cats, winter and the holidays, and magic. cool stuff
my favorite color is black, and my favorite number is 64.

i live with my parents and older sibling in the US (EST), and we have 7 pets
about my pets, rusty and jesse are dogs, and tater, tiger, cupcake, callie, and loki are cats.
im very sensitive and have a hard time understanding jokes sometimes so please be kind to me.
i consider myself an empathetic person, and i get emotional very easily, so please bear with me.
if im doing something wrong, please talk to me about it. chances are i dont know

ive been drawing since i could hold a pencil and ive been animating since i was 7 years old.
im currently 14 years old, and my birthday is on july 30th 2006. im also a freshman in high school
the programs i use most often are clip studio paint, adobe animate 2019, microsoft paint, and windows movie maker 2012.

im passionate about various things from 2000s and early 2010s, a good portion of that is nintendo related.
on the topic of nintendo, i like the mario series and kirby series the most, and i also like their consoles in general
i also like video game rumors, hoaxes, lost media, errors, hacking, and anti piracy measures.
i like yume nikki too, and im just starting to play fangames.

huh, well....thats all i can think of about myself for right now. im not the most interesting person am i?
i hope you had fun reading my about page, i should also let you know the last time i edited this page was 3/20/2021